Summer Wides

Don’t you wish that life was as simple as a straight road? I like how the three dominant colors create a soft contrast, it makes this simple picture quite pleasant.

This is an interesting wide with the shallow depth of field. It is very busy, but yet is also balanced. I like the red barn side is in contrast with the the sunlit wheat.

One of the few good things about damp, moody weather is getting majestic pictures at the lake!! It was almost peaceful, despite the rain attempting to spatter my camera!!

A cloud break at sunset on a stormy day!!

Yes, that is the side of a semi-truck reflecting the sunlight! We were driving over the pass and the road was blocked for a dynamite blasting! Unfortunately, we could not see the blasting site, so what’s a girl to do but wander down the stopped highway with a camera?

This next shot was taken on the side of the road during the wait as well.


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