Cute Cats!!

Our Family has two well-loved cats. This is Shweeps…


Sometimes she gets a little weird, though.


Her favorite spot for lounging in December was under the Christmas tree.




And then, you must meet Friend.


Friend is very shy, but she will come out of hiding for a good rub-down.


And she gets plenty of rub-downs.


The Last day of Christmas!



Happy final day of the Christmas Season!!


Wrapping presents often gets creative and crafty in a houseful of girls. You know, just the usual twine and brown paper affair…



Happy Birthday, dear baby Jesus!



Christmas always tastes good with a houseful of girls, too! Homemade biscotti is always tempting. And the blur in the foreground is homemade almond roca. Yum!!


Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this dramatic truffle. My sister commandeered the camera and got some great shots!

Enough tantalizing with tasty food. I’m getting hungry and these treats are long gone…



Let’s enjoy beautiful Christmas ornaments instead.



I love the color tones!



Every year someone hides a candy cane deep within the tree. So when they are all gone, you still have a secret stash left. Except that by now, the entire family knows about the secret stash. Old traditions die hard.

Merry Christmas!!



I went out for a walk at dusk, and played with shallow depth of field. It’s amazing how shadow and perspective can change the plants you see every day!!



The beauty of a shallow depth of field, prime lens and wide open aperture. Color slightly enhanced in post.


I wish it was cold enough to produce these beautiful ice creations, but these pictures are from last Winter. Perhaps I am wishing this winter sooner. The awkward raining season before the snow can become so monotonous.

Isn’t that casing absolutely awe-inspiring? The otherwise dull Rhodendron stem which is normally lost amidst its hundred brothers is literally frozen in time…

Icicles. I wish they tasted as lovely as they looked.

Can you guess what is behind this frozen curtain?

Perhaps the truest Fall photo of the bunch. I can practically smell the wind…

May your house grow warmer as the days grow colder!!

Stormy Header

In the midst of the hottest months of the year… I am posting another stormy picture? Don’t question, I do not have an answer.



Bright and Colorful

This lovely fellow graces the back yard. He was transported from mexico, and unfortunately he did not survive the flight. If you look closely at his left side, you might find the crack. He is all glued up, but I don’t think he minds too much!!

While not my favorite color theme, the brights here seem to work together. The frame and lines in the background add a busy unique quality to an otherwise standard picture.

Summer Wides

Don’t you wish that life was as simple as a straight road? I like how the three dominant colors create a soft contrast, it makes this simple picture quite pleasant.

This is an interesting wide with the shallow depth of field. It is very busy, but yet is also balanced. I like the red barn side is in contrast with the the sunlit wheat.

One of the few good things about damp, moody weather is getting majestic pictures at the lake!! It was almost peaceful, despite the rain attempting to spatter my camera!!

A cloud break at sunset on a stormy day!!

Yes, that is the side of a semi-truck reflecting the sunlight! We were driving over the pass and the road was blocked for a dynamite blasting! Unfortunately, we could not see the blasting site, so what’s a girl to do but wander down the stopped highway with a camera?

This next shot was taken on the side of the road during the wait as well.

Wedding Details!!

Here are some cute details from a wedding I just shot. It was the most beautiful wedding I have attended and it was a pleasure to photograph.


The dress was pleated and fitted at the top, but flowed into a skirt covered in these fabric flowers. I can see why she fell in love with it, I did as soon as I saw it!!


The groom’s boutonniere.


The bride wore flats, smart choice!! And yes, coral was the wedding color.

The bridesmaids all wore gold shoes and accessories to accent their coral dresses.



And of course, there was cake!! It was made and decorated by the Grooms mother and aunt to match the flowers on the dress!! It was as tasty as it looks.


The reception hall was decorated with birdcages, twine and burlap accented by flowers and bright origami paper cranes. It was lovely and inviting.


Of course it would not quite be a wedding without the rings!! A beautiful symbol of the sacred sacrament.

Rock Debris

Rock Debris

T3i, June 2012

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Flowers and a Spider

Today was a beautiful sunny day and having a camera in my hands made it better!!

Why are flowers so photogenic?

Not as pretty as a flower, but fiercely beautiful in its own right.

Beautiful layers of flower, tree and sun!!

And the cat, from her favorite lookout on the porch.